EDF Human Rights Report

The Sixth Edition of the European Disability Forum’s Human Rights Report focuses on the rights of persons with disabilities to vote and to stand as candidates in the European Parliament elections, also known as ‘EU elections’.

It explores the legal and practical barriers that prevent millions of persons with disabilities from exercising the same political rights as other EU citizens and highlights consequences, such as the underrepresentation in politics of persons with disabilities.

This report provides recommendations for both EU policy makers and national governments, as well as for EU level and national political parties, in such a way to allow the EU and national governments to discuss with DPOs what the best solutions are, taking into account the national voting culture and context. The aim is to provide data, tools, and recommendations for governments and DPOs to work hand in hand to reduce inequalities and ensure accessible elections at the national and EU level.

To download the report in different formats, visit the dedicated EDF webpage.