Germany promotes gender equality with the support of EBU

In the project Gender Equality Awareness Raising (GEAR) of the EBU with support of the European Commission the German Federation of the Blind and Partially Sighted (DBSV) is promoting the participation of women in its federation and society in general.

In these times activities are conducted virtually of course. So DBSV offered two workshops for women on presenting themselves – one to present themselves when they run for an office within the organization, such as a board member of an association and one for presenting a project.

The female participants learned in a zoom meeting with a blind coach that often women say: ”Maybe I could try to manage this task” while most men say: ”Yes, sure I can do this” Or women feel ready to apply for a job when they believe they meet 50% of the requirements while men apply at only 20%. Participants also learned to start a presentation of a project in the following way: ”Now I tell you the story of one person and her problem ... This is a problem that many other persons have ... My project solves this problem ...”

With such simple advice and techniques women with visual impairments learn to present themselves and their idea in a more self-confident manner and in a convincing structure.

Besides these workshops DBSV plans to create an action plan of promoting the participation of women within DBSV. These activities are not very complex to organize and with financial support of the EBU quite effective to realize. DBSV encourages other associations to take part in 2021 in the GEAR project and promote women’s rights with smart measures.

Eva Nilsson, GEAR project leader can give you further information: