PARVIS: Announcing the Day in Life of a Visually Impaired Person video

With participation from Estonia, Italy, Lithuania, the Netherlands, Montenegro, Slovakia, Spain and Sweden, the PARVIS project is proud to present the “A day in life of a visually impaired person compilation video”, which details obstacles blind and partially sighted people face in their daily lives and offers solutions on how to overcome them. The video, which features real life scenes and contains audio description, highlights accessibility issues related to the built environment, living independently, inclusive education, receiving information, work and employment, participation in culture and sports, as well as the right to join public and political life.

This video that is currently being translated into 11 languages serves as an important awareness-raising tool, and supports many other PARVIS activities.

These include an awareness-raising podcast released every two months until November 2022, two rights-related social media campaigns, info-sessions targeted at blind and partially sighted citizens about existing legal frameworks such as the UNCPRD and e-workshops to build the capacities of VI organisations in their awareness-raising and advocacy work. In addition, the project organises two key events with the participation of decision-makers to inform policy-making, discuss existing rights-related obstacles and find ways to improve the situation.

For more information, visit or contact PARVIS Project Coordinator