WBU-ICEVI General Assemblies

World Blindness Summit Monday, June 28, 2021 to Wednesday, June 30, 2021 Online

World Blindness Summit Madrid 2021 is a global meeting, with Madrid as the virtual epicentre and the whole planet as the leading character, which is organised by the ONCE Social Group and will include the General Assembly of the WBU (World Blind Union) and of the ICEVI (International Council of Educators of Partially sighted People).

This is a cutting-edge, disruptive and innovative event that embraces the benefits of technologies, creating the first global and accessible online conference aimed at addressing the significant challenges faced by blind and low vision people resulting from the severe crisis that has arisen from the COVID 19 pandemic.

Over 1,000 blind and severely partially sighted people from nearly 190 countries over the world will participate in the World Blindness Summit Madrid 2021 to share their experiences and practices developed over the past five years, and especially those implemented to cope with the effects of the pandemic in all spheres of life of blind and low vision people throughout the planet.

The achievements and challenges experienced will be analysed, priorities will be set in this new era beginning by working hard to prevent blind and low vision people from being left behind in the digital revolution that has made such great progress in the past months. On the other hand, new strategies will be worked on to give visibility to the reality of our group of people, and, above all, to promote everything that contributes to the substantiation of a central goal: to create a new vision of blindness, to enable these people to fully participate in any aspect of vital progress.

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