Collaboration between Croatia and Montenegro

The Croatian Blind Union and the Union of the Blind of Montenegro signed a Cooperation Agreement on November 4, 2020. The agreement is part of the activities within EBU Mentoring in 2020. During a two-day visit in September 2020, representatives of the Union of the Blind of Montenegro exchanged views and experiences on topics of importance to the visually impaired with representatives of the Croatian Blind Union in Premantura, Croatia.

During the first day of a visit it discussed the specifics of an educational rehabilitator’s work, the approach to visually impaired persons, accessible environment, standards of accessibility, independent living and orientation. The second part of the day was reserved for echolocation, through the theory, and through various games and practical part where the concept of obtaining information through sound reflection was explained.

During the second day we talked about sighted guide services, establishing such services, implementation challenges, experiences and benefits.

The objective of the Agreement is to intensify international cooperation, joint initiatives and actions to improve the rights and status of blind and partially sighted people, especially in the field of independent living, rehabilitation and psychosocial support, providing visually impaired people with the highest quality professional support and information on relevant values: legal issues, customer focus, professional competence, responsibility, quality and innovation.

We encourage members of the European Blind Union to cooperate more with each other.

Katarina Bigovic, UBM

Petar Glavas, CBU