A new book by an EBU Board Member

The book presents society’s attitudes toward the blind

Mehmet Emin Demirci is a blind author, who publishes books and articles about blindness.

Almost 20 years went by since his idea of writing this book about the attitudes of people towards the blind. Thanks to his sighted team which included the English editors, Bogazici University Press and Perpetuity Publications, his book was able to reach the target readership worldwide. “Unfortunately, the most difficult problem blind people face today is still the attitudes of the people towards the blind” said Mehmet Emin Demirci, author of The Blind in History and Society: Wisdom vs. Despair.

His new book examines all aspects of the relationship between the blind and the rest of society within the framework of the attitudes that represent a most productive area of social psychology. The reader will learn that historic figures did not consider their blindness a hindrance to their achievements, be they famous literary personalities or Nobel Prize Laureate. The lives of outstanding blind persons such as Democritus, al-Maarri, Dühring, Rodrigo, Dalén, Borges, Ostrovsky and even Ray Charles, are examined while placing blindness and the blind at the center of social relationships, utilizing rich historical presentations and comprehensive analysis. His book will be of interest to many professionals, educators, historians, social scientists and general readers.

About Mehmet Emin Demirci

Mehmet Emin Demirci was born in Kurucuova, a small rural village in central Turkey, in the province of Konya. Born with childhood glaucoma, his vision deteriorated during his early years in primary school. After mastering English, he competed to enter one of Turkey’s top schools, Bosphorus University and went on to receive an undergraduate degree in Sociology, followed by an MA in Adult Education at the same school. Over the years, he has worked with national and international organizations of and for the blind and has travelled extensively, attending many conferences dealing with blind issues. His book The Blind in History and Society: Wisdom vs. Despair is available. You can also contact him by email.

The cover of the book by Emin Demirci

The cover of the book by Emin Demirci