Portugal - ACAPO advocates early retirement for Persons with Disabilities

On October 19, ACAPO participated in the public hearing on the study of the early retirement scheme for persons with disabilities. This has been one of ACAPO's oldest claims that still remains unfulfilled 10 years after it came to Parliament for discussion. The measure has already been adopted in several European countries, being supported by several studies that recognize the increased effort on the part of persons with disabilities at a professional level. For Rodrigo Santos, President of ACAPO, it is essential to guarantee "a decent retirement that takes into account the wear and tear of a contributory career that develops in circumstances that imply greater difficulty."

The study, presented by the Government, highlights the lack of concrete data on the situation in Portugal, but recognizes that there is indeed a group of people who can be covered. In general, ACAPO agrees with the premises of this study and considers that it underpins good decisions, being essential to recognize that for persons with disabilities, early retirement through the extension of a contributory career is "a duty imposed by the United Nations Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities, it is a duty of citizenship and justice, but it is also a duty to recognize the contribution of those who, through their efforts, and with some added pain, have also contributed to the very system they would like to now to benefit”, words of Rodrigo Santos at the public hearing.