The 33rd EBU Access Cast is now online

Welcome to the 33rd number of the EBU Access Cast – our podcast about assistive technology for blind and partially sighted people. In this episode Hlynur, Mario, Tanja and Pawel cover a wide range of topics regarding accessibility, from Pawel’s birthday present to himself to a new software suite that turns up Mario’s cravings for cheesecake to the maximum… and everything in between.

We cover the ongoing European Commission survey on digital accessibility, where the objective is to seek feedback to improve public sector website and mobile apps accessibility. We encourage everyone to partake in the survey and let your voice be heard. Also we took a look at a new mod for the game Hearthstone by Blizzard, how it works and how the new mod has increased its accessibility. The website named Can I play that was also mentioned.

Mario went with us through the new Sunu app update for the Sunu band and how he used it patience as a weapon in dealing with some bluetooth issues regarding it.

There were no let-downs in the Gadget section. The show’s number one online shopper, also known as Pawel, showcased his new JBL Link Portable speaker and Tanja spoke about a Minimize to tray option she finds handy. Some discussions were also about Chromecasting music and more related topics. Tweesecake, not Cheesecake, is a new light-weight, multi-purpose, robust software suite that allows users to easily use keybord commands to control Twitter and Telegra, navigate your file system and much more. We looked in to it.

An easy way to create a digital copy of your Covid certificate and store in your phone wallet? Yes please! We took a look at before taking on Apple’s “California Streaming” online event and their newcomings. We took a look at what is new inside the newest Beta version of Android 12.

And if that wasn’t enough already we had discussions on digital accessibility matters from Hlynur’s point of view after his Siteimprove conference input. Last but not least, an interview with Gleb Zevkov, CEO of Voxmate. We hope you guys enjoy the show, we sure did!

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