Belgium - White Cane Safety Day – Elisa Michiels & Lambertine Bonjean square.

The municipality of Saint-Gilles (Brussels) decided that a hitherto anonymous square will take the name of the two founders of the association: Élisa Michiels and Lambertine Bonjean.

The Élisa Michiels et Lambertine Bonjean square was inaugurated on October 15, on the occasion of the White Cane Safety Day. This decision is a response to the ‘Women’s names’ motion passed by the Saint-Gilles City Council in 2019. This motion highlighted the virtual absence of streets and public spaces bearing the name of women. The goal of the municipality is to increase the visibility of women in public spaces while paying tribute to a major association active on its territory.

The Brailleliga/Ligue Braille is very touched by this initiative. The association dedicates the square to its volunteers as two blind volunteers – Élisa Michiels and Lambertine Bonjean – founded the Brailleliga/Ligue Braille. Their goal was to support blind people in Belgium, allowing them to live a normal life, not characterized or limited by their blindness. Since that day, the association has further developed a wide variety of services. Today more than 15,500 blind and visually impaired members of the Brailleliga/Ligue Braille live their daily lives in complete autonomy.