Croatia - DANOVA trainings

DANOVA training on the correct approach and communication with visually impaired clients for the staff of transportation facilities

CBU, one of the 14 partners implementing the project DANOVA – Innovative Transportation Services for Blind and Partially-Sighted Passengers in Danube Region, financed within Interreg programme, is very pleased to share the details on one of the most important activities within the project.

As we are all aware, lack of knowledge and information often leads to the formation of negative attitudes and prejudices about the capacities and needs of people with visual impairments. Therefore, the best way to enhance inclusion and combat prejudices is to provide education and training.

That is why one of the most important activities within DANOVA project is international and local training on the correct approach and communication with visually impaired clients. After elaborating training programmes, the Croatian Blind Union (CBU) conducted the international training aimed at managerial structures of the transportation facilities involved in the project, i.e. professionals and employees who acknowledge the need to improve their knowledge and skills on how to create an accessible environment for VI people.

CBU also conducted local training at the Dubrovnik Airport, Airports of Montenegro and Sarajevo International Airport, aimed at all professionals and employees in direct contact with VI passengers.

The training consisted of a theoretical part including types and causes of visual impairment, a practical part, using simulation glasses and solving assignments, awareness-raising theory of prejudices and stereotypes, daily functioning and obstacles in the area of mobility and transportation, typhlotechnical aids and another practical part consisting of correct guidance and approach to VI passengers.

Croatian Blind Union.