Germany - moving forward on mobility!

The German Federation of the Blind and Partially-Sighted (DBSV) and RTB GmbH & Co. KG have founded a new company together. With SMS - Smart Mobility Services GmbH, DBSV wants to revolutionize the support of blind and partially sighted persons in the mobility sector.

When people with visual impairments are traveling from A to B, they face numerous challenges - how do I find out which bus line has just arrived, which track the train is leaving from, and where the elevator is located? While there are a variety of apps to assist those affected, the problem is just that: the variety! How are those affected supposed to know which facilities are available for the blind and partially sighted and which app to open when in order to receive optimal support?

DBSV is therefore working together with RTB GmbH & Co. KG on an app that brings together many app-based island solutions in the mobility sector. For example, if you approach a public building with a signal transmitter at the entrance using this meta app, it will be activated automatically, making it easier to find the entrance. The meta-app will support the location of elevators, traffic signals and info points for indoor navigation, and an automatic warning will be triggered at appropriately equipped construction sites. Under the leadership of DBSV, a network of manufacturers and organizations has also emerged to work with the association to develop app-based mobility solutions that are compatible with the Meta app.