PARVIS awareness-raising event on political participation in 9 countries – May 9, 2022

An awareness-raising event on the topic of political participation will be held on May 9th on the occasion of Europe Day in 9 countries: France, Germany, Lithuania, the Netherlands, Montenegro, Portugal, Slovakia, Spain and Sweden. 

Visual impairment associations involved in the PARVIS project will each organise a panel including politicians, decision-makers and visually impaired people active in politics, to discuss barriers and opportunities in accessible voting as well as representation of blind and partially sighted people in politics.  

A joint social media action will be conducted on Twitter and Facebook during the day of the event, to bring awareness to UN CRPD article 29 on participation in public and political life, as well as the importance of equal access to politics.  

More information about the event outcomes will be provided later on the PARVIS webpage.

Watch our newest awareness-raising video on political participation in English. Videos in 9 other languages will be available on May 4th.