The 25th EBU Access Cast is now online!

Welcome to the 25th transcribed episode of the EBU Access Cast - podcast about assistive technology for blind and partially sighted people!

The European Commission and the European Disability Forum organised on 23 September an online WEBINAR on the web accessibility directive marking this important date by which all public sector websites across the EU will have to be accessible for persons with disabilities.

If you attend often online events via Zoom and if you would like to adjust the verbosity of the events the new NVDA addon for Zoom can help you to enhance your Zoom experience. If you would like to separate the screen reader from the other sounds on your computer, you can do this by using Audiomixer by the Dutch company Babbage.

Have you noticed that the native Facebook website became screen reader accessible? Engineers from Facebook explain how they built accessibility into the new Facebook interface

Microsoft opened the Accessibility Fundamentals training to everyone. The course is composed of 4 modules that give a basic understanding of accessibility in Microsoft products.

Android 11 has been launched and we commented the new accessibility features. The Google Lookout app has been updated and now Android users can benefit from having a similar application as Seeing AI on iOS. Pawel prepared for you a demonstration so stay tuned until the end of our episode to hear how it works. Google Chrome started to generate accessible PDF documents by keeping the HTML structure from the saved webpage.

Libre Office 7.0 introduces accessibility checkers for documents. Wondering how to wash or iron a shirt? Laundry Lens is the app that can read care labels on clothes to determine the washing conditions.

Lego Braille Bricks, a set of bricks for children to learn Braille, launches in a couple of European countries. We also announced the new virtual event, Sight Tech Global which will be organised on the 2 and 3 December 2020.

Watch this space for the next episode where we'll be sure to deliver even more exciting news. Meanwhile, feel free to reach out with your thoughts and suggestions through our Email and Twitter.

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