From EDF - European Commission launches the Disability Employment Package

The new Disability Employment Package was launched on 20 September during the “Conference on Integration of People with Disabilities into the Labour Market”. It is one of the seven flagship initiatives announced in the Strategy for the Rights of Persons with Disabilities 2021-2030.

This support is not developed through new legislation or further funding opportunities but through a series of measures that, according to the Commission, will help implement existing legislation in six areas.

These areas and related measures are:

•        “Strengthening the capacities of employment and integration services” through the publication of guidance for the Member States to improve the accessibility and inclusiveness of employment services.

•        “Promoting hiring perspectives through affirmative action and combating stereotypes” through a catalogue of positive actions to facilitate the hiring of persons with disabilities involving employers.

•        “Ensuring reasonable accommodation at work” by preparing guidelines for employers.

•        “Preventing disabilities associated with chronic diseases” issuing a manual for managing chronic diseases and preventing the risk of acquiring disabilities through the publication of a manual issued by the European Agency for Safety and Health at Work.

•        “Securing vocational rehabilitation schemes in case of sickness or accidents” by issuing guidelines.

•        “Exploring quality jobs in sheltered employment and pathways to the open labour market” by launching a study on improving the employment for persons with disabilities through alternative employment models, including recommendations for fair working conditions, career development in alternative forms of employment and pathways to the open labour market that comply with the UNCRPD.

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