Montenegro - monitoring of the application of guidelines for creating electronic documents

The Union of the Blind of Montenegro, in cooperation with the Ministry of Public Administration, conducted the monitoring of the application of guidelines for creating electronic documents, in line with e-accessibility standards, through 21 websites of Montenegrin institutions and 208 documents.

The monitoring was conducted by blind and partially sighted persons, in accordance with the methodology and questionnaires created in relation to the elements of accessibility for blind persons, screen readers and partially sighted persons, contrast, font size and page layout.

Although there exists a document that regulates e-accessibility since 2017, it has been stated that the situation is not encouraging. 

Some of the key results:

  • 100%, keyboard navigation customized
  • Alternative text to non-textual content can be read by the program for screen reading in 71,34% of  cases.
  • The possiblity to increase the font and entire page is possible in 66,67% of  cases.
  • The possiblity to adapt the contrast of the background and letters on the page is possible in 61,9% of cases.
  • There are no subtitles or transcripts of non-textual content.
  • Pages consisting of scanned documents are partially avoided.
  • There is no automatic conversion of text to audio format

A detailed analysis, as well as the recommendations for improving the situation were given within the document. The analyis is distributed to all the institutions that were a subject of the monitoring, which are expected to work on better e- accessibility.

The Ministry of Public Administration has announced the development of a new website for institutions of the Government of Montenegro, in compliance with the Guidelines and conclusions of the monitoring.