NCBI Secures Covid-19 app is Accessible!

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Thanks to the involvement of the NCBI Advocacy department and NCBI Labs, Ireland has one of the most accessible Covid-19 tracking apps in the world.  The advocacy team contacted the HSE in late April on learning of the app being developed stressing how important it would be to ensure the app was accessible to people who are blind and vision impaired. 

A number of NCBI advocates raised this issue with the HSE and the Government also.  These actions resulted in the HSE considering the needs of people who are blind and vision impaired and them acquiring the expert services of NCBI Labs who worked closely with the app developers to ensure the app was fully accessible to our community. 

What is it?

Launched by the HSE and Department of Health on Tuesday 7th July, the Covid Tracking app will help us to protect each other and slow the spread of Covid 19 in Ireland. It is a free and easy to use app available from the App Store and Google Play Store that has three specific functions:

  1. Digital contact tracing of close contacts of confirmed cases of Covid-19
  2. Allow users to record if they have symptoms
  3. Provide daily information about Covid-19 from a trusted source

How does it work?

Once you open the app, you will be asked for permission to collect and share anonymous data in order to facilitate contact tracing. You also have the option to add your phone number so the HSE can contact you if you are thought to be in need of a test. It should all take less than two minutes, and you're up and running.
NCBI would encourage as many of you as possible to download the app and join in Ireland’s fight against the virus.