A positive cooperation from Montenegro

The Union of the Blind of Montenegro, UBM and the Association of Blind of Canton Sarajevo, ABCS signed a Cooperation Agreement on Thursday, September 2, 2021.

The representatives of the ABCS were on a study visit to the UBM from July 14 to July 17, 2021. As a part of the study visit, the employees of the UBM presented the way of working and the development of activities and measures that contribute to a better standard of living for the visually impaired people. They introduced the representatives of the ABCS with the work of the Braille printing house, internet radio Phoenix. A special focus and emphasis during the visit was placed on the area of independent living: labeling the name and declaration of the product in Braille and the right to assistive aids. During the visit there were exchanges of experiences in the field of functioning of the Union of the Blind, local organizations, cooperation with government institutions, as well as participation in advocating for the rights of visually impaired people.

The visit resulted in the intensification of international cooperation and joint activities through the signing of the Cooperation Agreement.

The Parties to the Agreement will openly, continuously and in the form of a partnership, cooperate and direct mutual relations and activities in order to achieve common goals, which are related to the commitment to improve the rights and status of blind and partially sighted persons, especially in the field of independent living, rehabilitation and psychosocial support, providing the highest quality professional support and information in accordance with the values of the Parties to the agreement, namely: legality, user orientation, professional competence, responsibility, quality and innovation.

By Katarina Bigovic, Union of the Blind of Montenegro