Switzerland - parliamentary session of people with disabilities

The inclusion of people currently enjoys increased attention in Switzerland. This is due to two important projects.

Firstly, on the 24th of March the first parliamentary session of people with disabilities was held. During this day members of this parliament worked out a resolution demanding more political participation and handed it over to the government.

Secondly, the collection of signatures for the inclusion initiative will begin end of April.

This national referendum aims to constitutionally guarantee the right to a self-determined life for people with disabilities. The various organisations of and for people with disabilities that support the referendum will need to collect 100,000 signatures within 18 months. Also our Swiss organisations of blind and visually impaired people are among the supporters of the initiative.

This challenge to participate in the use of an important democratic instrument in our country once again highlights that full political participation is not achieved yet. We continue to demand the introduction of e-collecting and e-voting, so that we can autonomously enjoy our rights as citizens.