EBU co-hosts a webinar on web accessibility for visually impaired users in France

On June 29th, EBU co-hosted a webinar on web accessibility with the French NGO La Fédération des Aveugles et Amblyopes de France (FAF). An activity organized within the context of the UPowerWAD project, the event gathered 25 people with a background in the fields of disability advocacy and VET (Vocational Education and Training) services in France.

As one of the partners of the project, we presented a methodological toolkit, a repository of good practices and a model CV for training for users with disabilities. All documents have the same goal: to help users with disabilities to improve their accessibility experience when using public bodies’ websites. At the same time, the meeting’s moderator, Fernando Pinto, engaged in a fruitful exchange with participants, who shared their personal experiences when dealing with web accessibility problems of public sites.

Apart from serving as a forum for exchanging opinions, the webinar was also a good opportunity for EBU to ask attendants for their opinion of the content of the documents. After the event, their valuable feedback was used to help the project partners finalize the materials. In line with this, the other members of the initiative also hosted several webinars across Europe with the same purpose.

A program aimed at improving digital accessibility for users with disabilities, the UPowerWAD consortium is a project carried out by the European Blind Union alongside Funka, TU Dortmund University and the Synthesis Center for Research and Education. By the end of the year, the project partners expect to finalize some practical guidelines to scale up the model CV to different contexts and at a European level.

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