Help in Ukraine, continuing news on how your donations are making a difference

Thanks to the generous support from EBU members, the National Assembly of People with Disabilities (NAPD) in collaboration with our Ukrainian member, the Ukrainian Society of the Blind have been trying to make cash payments to blind persons who needed it the most.

Kherson city and region are continually being shelled. Also, people in that region have suffered from the explosion of Kakhovka hydro power station. That is why, after getting in touch with the public organizations-NAPD members and with the Ukrainian Society of the Blind, financial assistance has been provided to 55 blind persons residing in Kherson region in the areas under Ukrainian control.

Financial aid was also delivered to blind people in the cities of Kyiv, Kharkiv, Sumy, Torchyn, Kramatorsk, Chernihiv, Poltava, Mykolaiv, Odesa, Zaporizhzhia, Vinnytsia, and Lviv. Assistance has been delivered to visually impaired people in almost every region of Ukraine. The number of the people who have received cash payments out of the second part of the funds is 150 persons as of today. This is ongoing. A registry of payments is being kept in compliance with Ukraine’s legislation.

According to the received appeals for assistance, people mainly spend this financial aid for medical drugs, medical treatment costs, food, and hygiene products.

Of course, people are very thankful for the support.

Testimonials from NAPD

The eldest man whom we have supported is 93 years old, and he lives in a village. He understands that now it is a war and that it is hard for everyone. His words touched me when he said: “Every morning I go to my land to work. I keep growing potatoes, carrots, onions, and so I still can feed and help someone. I saw the previous war, and it was hard, but we have survived. And we’ll survive now if we all keep together and help one another” (Zhytomyr region).

“I have visual disability, group 1, and I express big gratitude to you for the financial assistance granted to me. In these hard times, it’s very difficult to live on state allowance only. I live in Kherson city, under continual shelling, and the windows in my house were destroyed. Food products and medical drugs are expensive, and now you can also feel the results of Kakhovka hydro station destruction. Once again thank you for the financial assistance and moral support. Valentyn.”

“I’ve had a visual disability since childhood, group 1. I live in Sumy city, which is currently under continuous shelling. I am sincerely grateful for help in such a difficult time for us. Nadiia.”

“Thank you for the support! We wish peaceful sky to all! You are the first who have given us help since the start of the war. I live in a village, and information and organizations seldom reach us. It’s great that you have found us. Petro.”

On behalf of the NAPD, we are grateful to EBU and all the organizations and people who fundraised this cash assistance.

More about our news.

Based on your recommendations, the World Blind Union has written to us. They want to know how they can help people with vision impairments.

We are conducting the second camp for blind military people and civilians who have lost their eyesight. After our public speeches in front of Clusters, UN agencies, and ministries about the lack of rehabilitation for blind people, we have managed to draw attention to this problem. On a positive side, now this issue is being openly talked about. Yet, it is still necessary to advocate this issue so that they would start acting and doing something.

You probably know from mass media that the shelling of cities and villages is going on. Adults and children are being killed. They are ruining schools, hospitals, and residential buildings. The Russian military continue killing peaceful population.

But we are believing in victory and doing everything we can to make it closer – together with you, we are helping people who are waiting for our support.