The European youth with visual impairment voice their needs for active participation

On 28-30 October, the European Blind Union, in cooperation with EBU Cypriot member the Pancyprian Organization of the Blind, held the “Engage in Europe and the world on equal grounds” youth meeting in Pervolia, Cyprus. Participants from 7 countries attended (Cyprus, Iceland, Italy, Montenegro, Norway, Slovenia, Spain). During the event, held in the European Year of Youth 2022, many items regarding visually impaired youth in Europe were discussed while participants worked on new and efficient ways to empower young visually impaired persons and engage them in political change and social development.

As a result of the young intellectual energy gathered in this meeting, the “Manifesto of young European citizens with visual impairment” was drafted, identifying the actions required to make more young people with visual disabilities aware of their potential and thus use their energy to become catalysts of social and political change at local, national and international level. The Manifesto was officially launched on 6 December 2022, day of the closure of the European Year of Youth. The Manifesto of young European citizens with visual impairment is available, translations are now also available in Italian and Montenegrin.