Portugal - ACAPO certifies first inclusive cards

After 2 years of joint work with ACAPO, on World Braille Day, SIBS (the company responsible for managing the ATM Express and MULTIBANCO Networks) launched its first inclusive cards taking into account the needs of visually impaired users. This was a challenge set by ACAPO a few years ago, which has now been met by SIBS, under its Sustainability programme, aimed at ensuring the use of bank and other cards is more autonomous, private and secure.

The new cards with identification and characters in Braille allow blind and low vision users not only to identify the kind of card (bank, fidelity, access) and its type of use ( credit, debt, pre-paid), but also the issuing entity. This new technology follows on from the half-moon-shaped cut introduced in 2018 which allows visually impaired persons to find the correct side for use.

For the President of ACAPO, Rodrigo Santos, “this project is an important step not only for blind or low vision persons, but also for raising awareness in the community about the importance of equal and accessible access to all”. Through this solution, “a greater number of entities will be able to adopt inclusive practices in their daily lives, both for the information they produce and for their relationship with their customers".