Reminder - new language feature on the EBU website

This is just to draw our readers attention to the latest development on our website.

The EBU website now incorporates the google automatic translation tool. This can be seen via a menu at the top of the page consulted. Select your chosen language from those offered and the page is automatically translated. Of course, such automatic tools are never the same as a trained human translator, but they have improved greatly over recent years, and we are convinced that they provide a good overall translation of the site.

Our service provider, who is a specialist in accessibility, ensures us that the tool is also accessible, which was of course a key factor for us in introducing this possibility. We invite you to explore and test this new tool, though remember, it is not EBU that is responsible for the translations! Your feedback will, as always, be welcome, and we hope that this will enable all our members and users to get even more from the EBU website!