EBU COUNTRY VISITS - CBU visit to Prague

In the summer season ending, the Croation Blind Union (CBU) delegation, together with very hot weather, visited Czech Blind United (SONS) headquarters in Prague. Namely, after CBU hosted SONS in July, the second part of country visits between two EBU member organisations took place from 11th to 14th September 2023.

On this occasion, CBU delegation had the opportunity to visit SONS headquarters and give a closer look at the work of its subsidiary organisations, founded by SONS though independent, specialized in different areas related to visual impairment such as navigation, mobility and orientation, accessible digital books, assistive technology trainings, editorial of accessible magazines, Braille education, etc.

Besides tackling the differences in the area of legislation and social welfare schemes in two countries, it was very impressive to experience the adaptations of Prague streets guided by SONS experts. It was great to hear and feel how the technology can be our ally in ensuring the high level of environment and transportation accessibility for visually impaired.

CBU delegations’ minds were blown with the visit to special school for visually impaired and their elaborated methods to teach young people to effectively use the white cane movement technique as well as technology options in moving independently through city.

Moreover, it is important to point out the visit to ZOO with All Senses, which offers visually impaired, using different senses, an opportunity to gain knowledge about animals, plants, their sizes and skins. The last but not the least is the visit to the Invisible Exhibition that, along with wishing to install it in Zagreb, we would recommend it to everyone. To sum up, this experience has proven to be one of the most effective ones in terms of raising the awareness on visually impaired. In particular, the exhibition offers sighted persons an opportunity to enter the shoes of visually impaired and keep the experience forever as such, considering that they are never to see the exhibition with the lights on.

Finally, CBU would like to thank SONS for the great hospitality and the EBU for this valuable opportunity! Considering that broadening our horizons we expand our possibilities, we believe this activity is one of the most precious ones EBU can offer to its members.