touch2see: Revolutionising sports tracking for blind and partially sighted people

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What is touch2see

touch2see is a French startup founded on 25 May 2021. The start-up has developed a solution that makes it possible for blind and partially sighted people to follow sporting events.

Inspired by a viral video by César Daza, a Colombian who described the action of a football match to a visually impaired person using a miniature model of a football pitch, Arthur Chazelle, founder of touch2see, had an ambitious idea: to create a technological solution that could fully meet the needs of visually impaired people for inclusion and accessibility in sports monitoring.

That's how the touch2see tablet came about.

How does the tablet work?

The solution is based on ultra-fast analysis of sports data in real time, using artificial intelligence and 5G technology.

This existing data is exploited for a new purpose to make the tablet work in a fully automated way.

The tablet, representing a miniature sports field, allows users to follow the movements of the ball via a magnetic cursor, while feeling the intensity of the game and the actions of the players (goals, fouls, offside, etc.) through haptic feedback.

At the same time, an interactive computerised audio description system provides essential information such as game time, score and facts of play, enriching the overall experience of the sporting event.

The aim of this solution is to provide a complete and immersive understanding of the action in real time, while promoting a more inclusive and autonomous human experience.

Currently designed for football and rugby, the Toulouse-based start-up wants to extend the compatibility of its tablet to more than 15 sporting disciplines, including tennis, basketball, American football and ice hockey.

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Upcoming events for touch2see

The deployment of the solution during the Rugby World Cup and at test matches for the French football league has given the project legitimacy.
With a team of 5 people and a dozen partners, including Orange (a French telecommunications company) which has been with the start-up from the outset, the mission to make sport accessible to the visually impaired and blind is more relevant than ever.

touch2see is currently covering certain French Ligue 1 matches as well as the Top 14 (French rugby league 1), and its aim is to export its solution to the widest possible audience, with the example of its participation in the African Cup of Nations in Côte d'Ivoire for 2 matches. The next ambition is to supply its tablets for the forthcoming Olympic and Paralympic Games in Paris.