EBU membership - Making The Voice of Blind and Partially Sighted People in Europe Heard


A focus on engagement

2024 is a big year for EBU! We will be holding our twelfth General Assembly, with the theme ‘Engagement, Balance, Unity, Reflecting on 40 Years, Envisioning the Future’ in February, an important gathering for the whole EBU family! Furthermore, it is also our 40th anniversary, the European Blind Union was founded in 1984. Both events are cause for celebration, reflection, and looking both backwards and forwards to determine our future orientation.

Introduction by the EBU President

February 11 to 14 2024 mark the dates for EBU’s next General Assembly. It will be held in Lisbon and be hosted by ACAPO, our Portuguese member, who deserve our appreciation and gratitude for taking up this challenge. Moreover, EBU will celebrate its 40th Anniversary. There will be some participants who even were present at the founding assembly in Hurdal, Norway, in 1984!

Members engagement, challenges, benefits and tools

In the spring of 2023, after gaining a deep understanding of EBU an administrative assistant and keen to utilize my MA in English and Sociology, together with an affinity for human relations and social justice, I embarked on a new position as the EBU Membership Officer. While previous responsibilities already included working with members, in collaboration with the governing bodies of EBU, we recognised the need to strengthen cooperation among members and with the Secretariat.

ViewsOfLife, a better insight into the realities of our national members

Europe is full of communities of blind and partially sighted people who share the same daily challenges. As one way to highlight those common obstacles, EBU has collaborated in the production of the #ViewsOfLife videocast throughout 2023. An original idea from Julius Kratky, a journalist from Austrian broadcaster ORF-Connect, the series’ main goal is to get to know the reality of our national members through in-depth interviews.

The Wayfinding Centre: A Beacon of Best Practice in Accessible Transportation

The Wayfinding Centre is a groundbreaking initiative led by our Irish member, NCBI, in partnership with the National Transport Authority of Ireland. This visionary project aims to revolutionise Ireland's public spaces and public transport system, making them more inclusive and accessible for everyone. This exciting project is the first of its kind in Europe and is due to open its doors in early 2024. Situated at Glasnevin, in Dublin, the Centre represents a bold step towards a future where accessibility, equity, and collaboration are at the heart of transport and public space planning.