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Welcome to the 13th episode of the EBU Access Cast, this time hosted by Paweł who is joined by Tanja, Mario and Bart to discuss all that happened in July in assistive technologies.

Personal Stories of a Blind Air Traveller.

(sent in reply to a request for information on accessibility of airports)


Belgium - Too many obstacles to the labour market for visually impaired people

In the second week of September, Brailleliga will focus on employment during a Campaign week. Last summer we conducted a survey about the employment of visually impaired people among our members. The study showed that this group is still too often confronted with mobility problems, prejudices, insufficient knowledge of the disability and a non-adapted working environment.

News from EBU members

E-scooters in Austria – An awareness raising initiative

As we all know, e-scooters and bikes are tripping hazards for blind and partially sighted people – which is why the Federation of the Blind and Partially Sighted in Vienna, Lower Austria and Burgenland started it’s first campaign to raise awareness for this issue on a highly frequented square in Vienna.

Audio-menu in a Scottish Restaurant

Edinburgh restaurant, The Huxley, has launched an audio-menu for blind and partially sighted customers in partnership with the Royal National Institute of Blind People Scotland.

Israel - Empowered and Enfranchised – Legally Blind Vote Unaided.

Of the 24,000 legally blind in Israel 22,000 have the democratic right to vote in Israel’s national elections in addition to thousands more with visual impairment.   However, until this year their votes have not been secret as they needed someone to accompany them in the election booth in order to identify and place the small voting slip with their chosen party’s name in the envelope prior to placing it in the ballot box.