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Latest news on Creative Europe/Media, the EU Disability Rights Strategy, the Marrakesh Treaty, Gender-Based violence, and more!

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EBU welcomes the new PARVIS Coordinator

A word of welcome and introduction from Mariem Sene, our new PARVIS Project Coordinator!

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WBU 2021 Virtual General Assembly registration is now open!

The day you have waited for is here! You may now register for the 10th WBU but first completely online General Assembly happening this June 28-30 with voting and WBU business June 21-25. We want to welcome all: members, delegates, and observers. Please head over to the link below to register:

Registration Form | World Blindness Summit

For those of you who registered for last year’s in person event, we will need you to reregister for the online event. 

News from EBU members

Sight Loss Data Tool from the UK.

EBU’s UK member, the Royal National Institute of Blind People (RNIB) has released a new version of the Sight Loss Data Tool. This is a free to use stats tool for local information on eye health and sight loss. The update includes the 2020 register of blind and partially sighted people.


Swedish guide dog handlers ask for international support

As a guide dog handler living in Sweden you can never take it for granted that shops, cafés, gyms and hospitals will let you in. When you apply for a job or attend a course, you never know if you will be told to leave the dog at home.

The anxiety about possible refusals means some guide dog handlers may stay at home. This restricts the Independence that a guide dog provides to a blind or visually impaired person. For more than a decade complaints from guide dog handlers have been sent to the ombudsman for discrimination, but have so far not lead to any consequences. We want to make it obvious to our politicians that we are far behind many comparable countries.

If you live in a country where blind people accompanied by guide dogs may go wherever they want, please send a message to the Swedish Minister for Democracy, and tell her what it is like. Tell her that you want the guide dog handlers in Sweden to enjoy the same freedom as you do.


Free webinars by IAAP EU

Funka, a proud IAAP founding member, is sponsoring the IAAP EU Webinar Series. We are pleased to sponsor the 2021 IAAP EU Webinar Series. Enjoy our welcome message from Susanna Laurin, Chief Research and Innovation Officer at Funka, IAAP Representative to the EU and moderator of the event, in more than a dozen European languages! We hope you will join us for the series with experts across Europe.