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All the news from our ongoing campaigns including accessibility, equality, social security and welfare, mobility, and our representation in different domains.

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The EBU 2022 Action Plan

The EBU 2022 Action Plan sets out actions to be conducted in 2022 to implement the Strategic Orientation Plan agreed by the 11th EBU General Assembly.


EBU is looking for an External Communications Officer! (February 2022)

In order to broaden, develop and promote its work to external audiences, the European Blind Union (EBU) is looking for an External Communications Officer.

EBU activities

New EBU materials coming through!

2021 is behind us and it is now time to share recent news dealing with the many activities implemented by EBU and its members. A more comprehensive overview of our work last year will be available in our annual report.


Join in the Gender equality awareness raising, GEAR 2022!

Each year, starting from 2020 funds are available from the EU to improve and increase gender equality in the EBU member organizations.

Up to three member organizations per year can apply for and participate in this project. In doing this you have to conduct activities in your organization to increase the awareness of extended gender in all decision-making bodies, train and promote members, most often women to participate to a greater extent and make their voices heard. A general outcome that EBU would like to see when the project is terminated in each country is that there are plans and actions decided on how the organizations shall continue to work with gender.

News from EBU members

Portugal - If you want to vote, ask for it in Braille!

Recently, on 30th january, Portugal celebrated its elections to parliament. All voters registered in the national territory could choose to register for the early voting that took take place one week before, on January 23rd.

The problem for visually impaired voters begun with the need to introduce a security code presented in images. This detail prevented the full accessibility of the electoral process, a commitment assumed by the Portuguese State, and kept the visually impared voters in disadvantage compared to other citizens...

Scotland MSPs understand what is like to vote as a visually impaired citizen

MSPs in the Scottish Parliament will get a chance to find out what it's like trying to vote in secret at the ballot box if you're blind or partially sighted.

Migrants Support Service of the Oogvereniging (Eye Association Netherlands).

The Migrants Support Service targets both migrants with a visual impairment and the organizations that can help them, provided they have the right expertise to do so. The Service trains and advises language-buddies, volunteers who can support migrants in their own neighborhood. Not only can they help the migrant to practice the language, they can also guide the migrant on a walk or social event. In addition the Service offers training to professionals


Let’s be together at REHA for the blind in Poland 2022

REHA is a multi-threaded event during which we manifest solidarity with our guests and present ideas for a world as open as possible to our community and all people who are weak, disadvantaged, elderly, lonely, or have any disability at all. Together with our guests and supporters we strive to change the perception of disability and its consequences, as hindering everything, but nevertheless not forbidding or blocking anything. During the meeting we promote the most modern ideas on how to arrange the world in order to achieve the long-unattained goal of real equal life opportunities for people who are still largely excluded.

Job opportunities in the European Parliament

For the 8th consecutive year, the European Parliament has launched the 2022 positive action scheme to enable persons with a disability to work in this EU institution.