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Latest news on our support for Ukraine.

The Russian invasion and ongoing war in Ukraine continue, unfortunately, to be in the forefront of much of the news. On the ground the situation is of course even more dramatic for people, whether they remain in Ukraine, in their homes or displaced, or whether they are obliged to seek safety in other countries. Visually impaired citizens are of course suffering greatly from the conditions on a daily basis. As you have read in previous newsletters, EBU, thanks to the generosity of your many donations as members, has provided financial support to our member in Ukraine, and they keep us regularly informed as to how they are putting these funds to good use. The National Assembly of People with Disabilities (NAPD) and our Ukrainian member have been spending money on targeted assistance for people with vision impairments. What follows are some examples, amongst many, of they ways in which the funds provided have been able to alleviate to some degree the pain and suffering of visually impaired Ukrainians.

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The importance of Braille video speaks many languages now.

Last January, on World Braille Day, EBU presented a new video, The Importance of Braille. The first choice of the video language was English, but you can now watch the video in Dutch, French, German, Portuguese, Slovak, Spanish, and Swedish!

EBU Annual Report 2022

With the financial support of the European Commission, EBU has produced its Annual Report 2022.

News from EBU members

Persons with disabilities were not allowed to vote independently, on Parliamentary elections in Montenegro

For the first time, the Union of the Blind systematically monitored the accessibility at polling stations on election day in all three regions of Montenegro.

Norway - Collaboration with one of the world's fastest men!

The Norwegian Association of the Blind and Partially Sighted- NABP has signed a collaboration with the sprinter Salum Kashafali. Salum will make awareness in the media about important cases for blind and partially people, he will participate at events, and profiling the organization in various contexts.

UK – a blind user sues the rail network for lack of tactile paving

In England Abdul Eneser, a 20-year-old blind man, is suing service provider Network Rail for failing to put in place tactile paving which, his lawyers claim, is in breach of their duties under equality laws, requiring rail operators to make reasonable adjustments for disabled people.