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All that is new in our various ongoing campaigns, including Creative Europe Media, the Marrakesh Treaty, Accessible Voting, Equality in Employment, the implementation of the European Accessibility Act, and the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

EBU activities

The EBU 2021 Action Plan

The EBU 2021 Action Plan sets out actions to be conducted in 2021 to implement the Strategic Orientation Plan agreed by the 11th EBU General Assembly.

EBU Gender Equality Committee action plan

On the occasion of the 2021 International Women’s Day, EBU wishes to announce the launching of the 2021 – 2023 Gender Equality Committee Action Plan. The main purpose of informing you and sharing this Action Plan with all our national members is to show how EBU continues to comply with its commitment to promote gender equality in all aspects of its work.


Welcome to the first EBU Access Cast of 2021!

The number includes comments and advice on the latest gadgets, including Pawel speaking about an unusual invention; a music pillow!

News from EBU members

Anne Renoud becomes the new President of the French Federation of the Blind

The French Federation of the Blind recently elected Anne Renoud, its first female president, an activist who has worked in the public employment service. Former President of FAF-APRIDEV Rhône-Alpes, Anne Renoud is originally from Ardèche and now lives near Bourg-en-Bresse. Blind since the age of 30, she has never stopped fighting to advance the cause of visually impaired people.


Audio description tool for online video available

Finally! An easy way to create and publish online videos with audio description. Dutch initiative scribit.pro has created an affordable online tool with which you can create audio descriptions, captions and a video’s transcript for any online video.


“Promoting effective communication for Individuals with a Vision Impairment and Multiple Disabilities – PrECIVIM”

The Erasmus+ project entitled “Promoting effective communication for Individuals with a Vision Impairment and Multiple Disabilities – PrECIVIM”, has integrated its actions. It is a project which aimed to support professionals in respect of their intervention programs towards communication and children’s communicative competencies. The current project acknowledged the need to train teachers regarding how to assess and teach communication skills to children with MDVI. On the other hand, assessing communicative skills in children with MDVI is a big challenge because communication is a complex domain with many sensory and cognitive sectors which need to be assessed.


Image description technology in Facebook

Several years ago, Facebook introduced innovative new technology for screen reader users called AAT that can generate text-based descriptions for photographs that are missing them. They have continued to improve this technology and it is now taking a big leap forward.