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All the latest news from our ongoing campaigns.


Changes and new faces in the EBU secretariat

After a period of transition, the EBU secretariat is back to full strength and we now announce the following news to finalise this situation.

Online launch of the EBU Handbook for high quality audio description on screen

Registration now open Invitation to the online launch of the EBU Handbook for high quality audio description on screen, taking place on May 17 at 13:30 CET on Zoom.

EBU activities

EBU Comprehensive Members Survey

As you may already be aware, we recently launched a broad consultation with all EBU member associations.

News from EBU members

Switzerland - parliamentary session of people with disabilities

The inclusion of people currently enjoys increased attention in Switzerland. This is due to two important projects. Firstly, on the 24th of March the first parliamentary session of people with disabilities was held. During this day members of this parliament worked out a resolution demanding more political participation and handed it over to the government. Secondly, the collection of signatures for the inclusion initiative will begin end of April.


EDF Call for Action

The European Disability Forum call for the EU’s revision of its passenger rights’ legislation to end the repeated violations of the rights of travellers with disabilities, especially during air travel.


World book and copyright Day – guidelines for publishers

On 23rd of April we celebrated world book and copyright day. A good moment to also promote the accessible publishing guidelines. Read the article from EBU‘s culture network.


Descriptive insights series: Countdown to the coronation of Charles III

A series of descriptive insights called Countdown to the Coronation.


6th International Competition Drawing and Painting for the Visually Impaired

Year after year, the competition has become an effective tool that allows visually impaired people to avoid the trap of boredom and even depression; to create an independent activity and to rediscover lost joys.