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EBU’s 12th General Assembly: the opening of a new cycle

Big family gatherings are excellent occasions for connecting with people and discussing future challenges together. Between 11th and 14th February, EBU co-hosted its 12th General Assembly with its Portuguese Member ACAPO in Lisbon. Delegations from our National Members, as well as external special guests, participated in interesting debates about key areas for visually impaired people, as well as in sessions aimed at drafting the future lines of action for our organisation for the next four years.

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Two years of resilience: an update from our friends of the National Assembly of Persons with Disabilities of Ukraine (NAPD).

In times of crisis, cooperation and solidarity are greatly needed. Since Ukraine was invaded by Russia two years ago, Ukrainian citizens’, including those with visual impairments, day-by-day have been plagued with hardships and obstacles. During this period, EBU has been closely monitoring the situation of blind and partially sighted Ukrainians through contact with our friends from the National Assembly of Persons with Disabilities (NAPD) of Ukraine.

News from EBU members

Ireland – Opening the Wayfinding Centre

Vision Ireland, with the support of the National Transport Authority (NTA), is delighted to announce the opening date of April 2024 for its highly anticipated Wayfinding Centre at Botanic Road, Glasnevin, Dublin 9.

EU update

News from EDF - Council of the EU weakens human rights obligations on business supply chain rules

Despite the majority of rules being agreed upon in December, Member States are concluding negotiations to weaken the law


EU programme for trainees with a disability

The EU Council has published its Positive action programme for trainees with a disability. The Council provides up to six paid traineeships per year to EU nationals with a recognised disability.