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A new look ahead of the new year: EBU kicks off the commemoration of its 40th Anniversary

It’s not every year you turn 40 and when you do so, one thing is clear: a special occasion calls for dressing up to the occasion.

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Otto Prytz (80) is awarded Norway’s first braille prize

The prize was created by the Norwegian Association of the Blind to increase the focus on braille and contribute to more access to and better reach of this tool, which is so important to many blind and partially sighted people.


Call for proposals for EU grants in the upskilling of vulnerable youth

We would like to make all members aware of a Call for proposals for EU grants in the upskilling of vulnerable youth under the European Social Fund+ (ESF+) Social Innovation+ (SI+) Initiative.


Europe’s airports put the needs of passengers with non-visible disabilities centre stage with inaugural guidance

ACI EUROPE, the trade association representing Europe’s airports, launched in January the first ever guidance globally for airports assisting passengers with non-visible disabilities.


touch2see: Revolutionising sports tracking for blind and partially sighted people

In a world where sport brings people together and inspires, accessibility and inclusion for all is becoming a priority. touch2see is one of those players, having committed to breaking down the barriers between the visually impaired and live sport, so that everyone can experience the full emotion and passion of the game!