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The war in Ukraine, its consequences and EBU’s action

In the terrible context of the war on Ukraine that is already in its 6th week now, I would like to give a quick overview of the situation as it presents itself today, as well as of the action already taken by EBU and planned to undertake in the near future. As the information we can gather changes all the time, this summary will be updated on a regular basis, as you saw last week when the Board sent a special communication on Ukraine.

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All the news from our ongoing campaigns including accessibility, equality, social security and welfare, mobility, and our representation in different domains.


In the driving seat - New materials on Connected and Autonomous Vehicles

Over the past months, concrete results have derived from the EC-co-funded research project PAsCAL, focusing on Connected and Autonomous Vehicles (CAVs)!


Erasmus+ project “Unanimously to obtain skills”

We are very pleased to inform you that after a long period of time, the Croatian Blind Union, among numerous activities and projects, also started implementing an ERASMUS + project in the area of adult education with another EBU member!


BLINDA - Mobile Audio Library for the Blind and Partially Sighted

Blinda is a project of eight partner organizations: the aim of the project is the development of technology that will enable blind and partially sighted people to easily access audiobooks and other audio content, through the Blinda mobile applications, in accordance with the Marrakesh Treaty.

DAISY EU Inclusive Publishing Forum

For persons with print disabilities the European Accessibility Act offers the promise of accessible ebooks and related services. However, many publishers are still not aware of what they need to do, and where they can get advice.The DAISY Consortium has established a forum to help share knowledge and expertise across the EU27 and beyond. Participants are already learning about projects they can replicate, where to direct technical questions, and how the action in their country compare to others.

News from EBU members

The UK’s Elections Bill – Removing protections for blind and partially sighted voters

The Parliament of the United Kingdom is currently considering a bill that will have a significant impact on the support offered to blind and partially sighted voters at polling stations in the UK.

EBU activities

Updates on the PARVIS awareness-raising project.

All the latest PARVIS news.

News from EBU members


A jury of 160 people, for the most part visually impaired, aged between 18 and 83, and drawn from all over France but also Belgium and Monaco, voted to decide on the Marius award for Audiodescription 2022.

Portugal - Double Certification for ACAPO

ACAPO was awarded a European Quality in Social Services (EQUASS) Certificate covering the following services: its ten Social Rehabilitation Centres located across Portugal, its three regional Independent Living Support Centres and the three divisions of its Employment and Vocational Training Department.