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Ukraine update

As you all know, the war in Ukraine and its severe consequences for blind and partially sighted people continues to be the most worrying development in present times. This month, we have been able to re-establish direct contact with our Ukrainian member, UTOS, and granted them with some financial support. This has been possible thanks to your generous donations you gave to our Solidarity Fund in the early days of the war.

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All the news from our ongoing campaigns including Equality, Political Participation, Mobility, and much more.

EBU activities

PARVIS: Announcing the Day in Life of a Visually Impaired Person video

With participation from Estonia, Italy, Lithuania, the Netherlands, Montenegro, Slovakia, Spain and Sweden, the PARVIS project is proud to present the “A day in life of a visually impaired person compilation video”, which details obstacles blind and partially sighted people face in their daily lives and offers solutions on how to overcome them.

News from EBU members

Portugal - Is Internet truly acessible to @ll?

In the week that marked World Telecommunications and Information Society Day and the Global Accessibility Awareness Day, ACAPO organized a debate with the motto: "Is the Internet truly accessible to @ll?”


EDF Human Rights Report

The Sixth Edition of the European Disability Forum’s Human Rights Report focuses on the rights of persons with disabilities to vote and to stand as candidates in the European Parliament elections, also known as ‘EU elections’.