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Service to commemorate the passing of the EBU President, Professor Rodolfo Cattani

On September 26th 2022, EBU held an emotional virtual celebration to commemorate the sudden passing of the EBU President, Professor Rodolfo Cattani.

Family members, board members and representatives from various EBU member organisation contributed words of condolence and thankful memories to the celebration. Rodolfo Cattani’s wife and son were present and spoke very movingly of a more intimate family side to Rodolfo. Our readers find hereafter the words spoken by the acting EBU Vice-President, Wolfgang Angermann.

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EBU activities

EBU Leadership Exchange Forum

On the 25-26th October, EBU will organise a Leadership Exchange Forum in Paris.

EBU on social media

This is to remind you that EBU has updated and relaunched social media activities recently.

Parvis project - webinar on non-discrimination and a new podcast

A webinar on non-discrimination regarding the right to accessible information will be organised on October 18th at 9:30-12:00 and October 19th at 10:00-11:30, on Zoom, and the new episode of the rights-reporting podcast is available.


ICC – International Camp on Communication and Computers for Blind and Partially Sighted Youth

The idea to organise “International Camps on Communication and Computers for Blind and Partially Sighted Youth” is simple - and this simplicity seems to be its power. When the Educational Endeavour "Computer Science for the Blind" at University of Linz, Austria and the "Study Centre for Visually Impaired Students" at University of Karlsruhe (TH), Germany 1991 started their support for blind and partially sighted students at their universities, proficiency in using ICT and AT was a crucial prerequisite from the very beginning.

News from EBU members

Portugal - ACAPO defends the notion “Reading is a democratic act”@ Lisbon and Oporto Book Fairs

Last year, ACAPO made its debut at the Oporto Book Fair, where it raised awareness of the importance of providing access to books to all citizens, whether sighted or visually impaired.


From EDF - European Commission launches the Disability Employment Package

The new Disability Employment Package was launched on 20 September during the “Conference on Integration of People with Disabilities into the Labour Market”. It is one of the seven flagship initiatives announced in the Strategy for the Rights of Persons with Disabilities 2021-2030.


Web Accessibility Initiative Communities of Practice - improving access to digital accessibility expertise

Web accessibility experts are in short supply in most European countries. It is why the Web Accessibility Initiative Communities of Practice project (WAI-CooP Project) will discuss how the lack of experts is affecting the implementation of the EU Web Accessibility Directive - and what can be done to improve the situation.