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EBU attends the launch of the AccessibleEU centre in Brussels

On July 4th, we travelled to Brussels to attend the launch of the AccessibleEU resource centre, one of the flagship initiatives of the European Commission’ Strategy for the Rights of Persons with Disabilities.

EBU co-hosts a webinar on web accessibility for visually impaired users in France

On June 29th, EBU co-hosted a webinar on web accessibility with the French NGO La Fédération des Aveugles et Amblyopes de France (FAF). An activity organized within the context of the UPowerWAD project, the event gathered 25 people with a background in the fields of disability advocacy and VET (Vocational Education and Training) services in France.

Coming events

Reminder For EBU Members - Invitation to the 12th EBU General Assembly

This is a reminder that all EBU member organisations should have received, by email, the invitation to the General Assembly. It will take place February – 11th to 14th, 2024 in Lisbon, Portugal, in collaboration with the Portuguese Association of the Blind and Partially Sighted (ACAPO).

News from EBU members

Information and advice centre 'Working with a visual impairment'

On July 1, 2023, the Information and Advice Point ‘Working with a visual impairment’ started in the Netherlands. This has been set up so that people with a visual impairment can participate in the labour market.

SONS' Visit to the Croatian Blind Union

In July, representatives of SONS (Czech Blind United) visited our sister organization in Croatia, the Hrvatski savez slijepih, also known as the Croatian Blind Union (CBU). Conversely, our Croatian colleagues will visit us in September. These reciprocal visits are part of a broader project funded by the European Commission and organized by the European Blind Union.

Sports in Armenia

Since its foundation in 1930, the Association of the Blind of Armenia has consistently paid attention to the development and distribution of sports accessible to the blind.


Help in Ukraine, continuing news on how your donations are making a difference

Thanks to the generous support from EBU members, the National Assembly of People with Disabilities (NAPD) in collaboration with our Ukrainian member, the Ukrainian Society of the Blind have been trying to make cash payments to blind persons who needed it the most.

Two visually impaired Ukrainians, share their personal story after moving to Lithuania

Robert and Tania, both visually impaired Ukrainians, had planned to come to Lithuania to work, but the war in their home country accelerated their decision. After starting a family 10 years ago, they found jobs in Vilnius before renting a dormitory room. Today, however, they are settling in: both are working, Robert is slowly learning Lithuanian, and soon, they plan to return to Ukraine for a short holiday to visit relatives.