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Quick update on Ukraine – first actions taken by EBU

As you all know, the situation in Ukraine continues to be deeply worrying. In line with previous communications, EBU has started to take first actions this month.

Assistance from our Polish member for Ukrainian refugees

In connection with the war in Ukraine, the Polish Association of the Blind has undertaken the following activities for the benefit of the blind and visually impaired...

Support center for Ukrainian migrants in the Netherlands

On April 1, 2022, the «Oogvereniging» - Eye Association Netherlands started a project to help Ukrainian migrants with eye problems (visually impaired and blind, who have glaucoma, macular degeneration or other diseases that require systemic treatment).

Ukraine - BlindSquare Blog provides assistance

On April 1st, in an effort to support blind Ukrainian refugees, BlindSquare released free access to BlindSquare Event to a 1,000km region including all of Ukraine, as well as 21 other surrounding countries.

Our campaigns

Latest Campaign Updates

All the news from our ongoing campaigns including accessibility, political participation, mobility, the review of the EU by the UN CRPD committee, and more on Ukraine.

News from EBU members

Montenegro - Independent and secret voting of persons with disabilities

The Union of the Blind of Montenegro has initiated changes in the State Electoral Commission-SEC in order to ensure independent and secret voting for the visually impaired.

EBU activities

PARVIS awareness-raising event on political participation in 9 countries – May 9, 2022

An awareness-raising event on the topic of political participation will be held on May 9th on the occasion of Europe Day in 9 countries: France, Germany, Lithuania, the Netherlands, Montenegro, Portugal, Slovakia, Spain and Sweden.


See Art With Your Hands - The Italian National Tactile Museum “Omero”.

The Omero Museum was created on the initiative of two blind persons. My wife Daniela and I - both blind and annoyed of being denied everywhere the right to enjoy the beauty of art - decided to create a tactile museum where to place real copies of the greatest masterpieces of sculpture as well as models of the most famous monuments. For this difficult journey, we started with the support of the Italian Union of the Blind, the Municipality of Ancona and the Region Marche, where we live. In 1999 the Italian Parliament, appreciating the role and uniqueness of this project, approved a law that recognized the Omero Museum as the "State Tactile Museum".


RNIB Scotland- the need for accessible streets

A national sight loss charity has told a Scottish Parliament committee that accessible streets and thoroughfares are key to persuading blind and partially sighted people back to shops. RNIB Scotland has responded on 14/04/2022 to a call from the Parliament's Employment and Fair Work Committee for views on 'the new realities of retail and e-commerce'.